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With years of exhibition experience the Nauplius Workboats plans are mostly in our minds and we just stress a little bit on the work that we leave behind, but with Aquaculture UK just around the corner, we give our greatest Exhibition succes tips away for free right here. How to have a stress-free exhibiting experience. […]

SAVE the DATE Aquaculture UK 2022, 3-5 May

Will we meet in person again? We are bound for Aviemore in a few weeks, meeting up with suppliers, colleagues, investors, old friends, and new acquaintances. Nauplius workboats will be at stand 161 as part of the 200 global Aquaculture companies. If you find us, we could show you the latest developments in boat design for fish […]

Congratulations to Inverlussa and MOWI on the worlds largest Thermolicer

A new ship deserves a celebration and the Camilla Eslea is welcomed heartedly within MOWI. We congratulate Inverlussa and MOWI with their newest addition to the fleet. The 35 x 14-metre vessel was built in the Netherlands and delivered within 14 months after signing the contract. The Thermolicer is operated by Inverlussa Marine Services. To maximise […]

@Seawork 5-7 October Denmark

After meeting wit Norwegian aquaculture we will represent the Dutch Design in Denmark. So feel welcome to join us at Seawork October 5-7. Looking forward to meeting everyone in person and in connecting, creating new opportunities. Join us, or visit our stand, virtual or in real life. Because we have news for you! The largest […]

Camilla Eslea

Our part in the journey of the Camilla Eslea is over, the 35 meter Thermolicer has been handed over to Inverlussa. The largest capacity Thermolicer vessel with Twin Triple Vacuum pumps and Twin drumfilters has been delivered this morning in Delfzijl to Inverlussa. Currently Camilla Eslea is now travelling to Scotland. This vessel with a […]

Aquanor 2021 who will we meet?

Working in open waters is pretty demanding for crewmembers. That’s why addressing the ‘human factor’ is considered a key driver for operational performance. Nauplius Workboats applies crew-centric design principles, resulting in comfortable working conditions. Both decks and cabins are designed to promote an optimal workflow. Stronger yet  these days, those in aquaculture rightly expect more […]

Camilla Eslea reaches highest point

The Camilla Eslea is at our warfside in Groningen where we can continue the next fase. This week was another highlight (pun intended) as the highest point was constructed. The Camilla Eslea has a bridge clearance of 16,5 meters. The schedule is moving along great. Mid June we will start the generators. We will keep […]

Launched! Largest Thermolicer making waves

                          ———–NEW LAUNCH TIME 16:15 HRS CEST———– We are waiting for the owner to arrive. He is in transit from Schiphol. Please hold. Today at 16:00hrs CEST the Largest Thermolicer will launch in Groningen. Broadcast starts at 15:45 hrs CEST. You’re invited! While […]

Fresh new colours for 3514 Utility Vessel

The Inverllussa Marine Services Thermolicer is painted by Den Breejen. Every inch is treated with care and Den Breejen provides the appropriate solutions through its mobile workforce, working at our location. We will keep you updated as we will launch within 11 days. The 3514 10th of april