Build N022, Eloise Eslea delivered

The Eloise Eslea is delivered to Inverlussa Marine Services. The 2713 is currently in Shetland. Here she will have here Thermolicer installed and entrance in full service.


“We are proud of what we accomplished together with Inverlussa. We think the result is spectacular… a beautiful high tech vessel that is versatile and equipped for any job. We wish Neil, Callum, Neil, Gordon and Colin fair winds and safe seas when bringing this lady home.”
Gerrit knol

The Nauplius 2713 Utility Vessel is set out as a multi-role powerhouse. Small in size but great in versatility due to her unique set-up with her diesel-electric propulsion, DP capability, large aft deck she becomes a perfect stable platform for a lot of different tasks. Designed as a delousing vessel for the Aquaculture industry, she is capable to support a delousing system a throughput of 200 tonnes per hour. All kind of supporting systems are built-in the vessel such as heat recovery system of maximum 800 KW and an electrical power outlet of 1700 kW. The vessel is diesel-electric with DP system which ensures safe working and sailing around fish pens. Special attention has been given to the noise levels on board. The highest noise notation of class can be met. Under the shelterdeck (option) several equipment can be built but without shelterdeck you will get a deck area of 225 m² available of equipment.

The accomodation with 5 single cabins, all fitted with bunk beds, and optional 6 cabins and smaller office, has an all-round view wheelhouse with conning station forward and aft she is ready to take on almost any job at sea.

Due to her versatility she can be used for different kind of duties and can be tailormade to the requested duties.

For any desired adjustments of alterations in design and/or equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us