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With years of exhibition experience the Nauplius Workboats plans are mostly in our minds and we just stress a little bit on the work that we leave behind, but with Aquaculture UK just around the corner, we give our greatest Exhibition succes tips away for free right here.

How to have a stress-free exhibiting experience.

  • Be the man (woman) with a plan. To drive traffic to your exhibition stand and leave a memorable impression on your visitors, you need to create a detailed plan for all your event activities and identify the role trade shows play in your overall marketing and sales strategy. Unlike digital marketing,exhibitions give you the exciting opportunity to interact with your audience face-to-face and build lasting and more powerful business relationships.
  • Select an exhibition that addresses your target audience and helps attain your goals. To ensure your selected show attracts the right type of attendees, ask organisers about attendee demographics, previous participants, attendee numbers and show statistics.
  • Is your future budget is accurate and sufficient?
  • Create a stand list (and stand staff list) of colleagues, suppliers and other organizations that you want to visit.
  • Keys; Make sure you have your Keys with you.
    Your Key message but also your Key measures of ROI or event success and the Key functionality of your stand i.e. , Meeting/hospitality space, product display/demonstration
  • Location, location, location. Plan in advance to get that perfect spot.

Will we see you at #161 and join forces for future projects or even exhibitions?