New 1507 UV incorporated new release of the MCA workboat code

Aquaculture benefits shapes and sizes that facilitate optimal working conditions. The Nauplius 1507 Utility Vessel optimizes both. This utility vessel is with 15 meters relatively small, with a large workdeck and knuckle boom crane. It enforces easy handling on tarpaulins, fish net and supporting equipment still leaves amble workspace.

Nauplius Workboats has embarked on a nice assignment for two 1507UVs scheduled completion in the first half of 2020. Based on the proven technology of the 1507 platform but adapted to the specific wishes of the customer and of course to the new release of the MCA workboat code.


Shape matters
The 1507UV has an unique hull shape. The hydrodynamics of this design create a very stable platform whilst lying still at the fish pen but has a high manoeuvrability and high top speed when sailing.


Size enables

Below deck a large engine room is available, with enough space to place supporting equipment such as a netwasher pump.
There is even enough space to create a full-size accommodation with two sleeping cabins below deck which make staying overnight on board possible.

At the side of the vessel gates are provided inside the bulwark with in the hull integrated steps for easy access to the fish pen.

Right now we are building sections of the first 1507 UV, April 2020 she will already be active in Scotland as a maintenance and service ship.


Versatily enables

Versatility allows the 1507 Utility Vessel to be of service at site boat duties.


  • Maintenance/service vessel
  • Survey vessel
  • Harbour support
  • Oil spill recovery
  • Diving support


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